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We are a group of car enthusiasts who have decided to take our love and affection towards cars and vehicles in general to a whole different level. Instead of only talking about cars we have deiced to share our knowledge with the people and in that way help them learn something new and find out amazing new facts about the cars that are constantly being released day in and day out.

On our website we have a lot of different car reviews that can be particularly useful for a number of different things. As we try to daily give you the latest reviews of the new cars and their release dates we are helping the general public be more aware of the situation happening in the automotive industry and market. You can easily find out about your next purchase this way and learn many interesting new things by reading some reviews here. People will also be happy to know that this way you can learn about the pricing ranges and see when the actual release dates of the announced cars are going to be. We can also bring you the latest concept vehicles and their transformation to production models. Lastly, we determine the latest news and rumors circling the automotive industry and give you the latest scoop on them.

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Officially we are still young but unofficially we have a lot of accumulated knowledge that we utilize to make our pages better and transfer that knowledge to the people. Years of experience have thought us that when searching for a perfect vehicle you need to have different sources and different materials in order to get the right answer. Released pictures and photos may not always prove to be the most reliable way as you need a professional to tell you about the particular details that are going to make sense. utilizes some professional opinions combined with the reliable sources to bring you the latest that the automotive industry has to offer.

Use and find out more not just about the release dates of new cars that are hitting the market but read about the specs and news about some future cars that are going to hit the streets pretty soon.